Whether in paper documents and forms or existing in digital formats, information is the lifeblood that keeps an organization running. When information is slow to flow or difficult to find, customer satisfaction, employee turnover, and business continuity are on the line. 

The five key areas of information management are collection, storage, distribution, archiving, and destruction. Each of these key areas plays a vital role in the effective management of information throughout its life cycle.


Capturing digital files into a Content Management System (CMS) is a step in the right direction for managing your information. If you don’t gain control over information overload, there will be chaos.

As your employees create digital files such as email or web portals in all different formats such as Microsoft, PDFs, image files, and audio they can automatically capture that digital file into a CMS. You can then organize the files for storage and retrieval needs.


Integrating your applications, data, and mainframe systems make your business more efficient and your enterprise more agile. You will need to capture existing systems such as scanners, multi-functional devices, email, and fax machines to capture information from your paper documents.

Securely store files and information using robust encryption, user access controls, and authentication methods. Efficient Information Management (EIM) ensures that the business has control over its data. This means that they have access to it, can use it for their purposes, and can also store it securely and responsibly.


EIM provides an intuitive way for users to search and quickly find needed data and documents. Paper files are converted to full-text searchable digital documents.

You can create an automatic search term highlighting works with PDF, Word, and other office files. Plus, you can navigate directly to the page where a term is located by using bookmark navigation.


Document archiving deals with the long-term storage of inactive documents. These are static documents – documents that cannot or should not be edited or changed – that are not used or accessed regularly. Files should be archived based on the information governance of the organization and what is required for regulatory compliance purposes.

You can archive both physical and digital documents. In fact, digitizing physical documents into a digital archive is the preferred approach for many organizations, as it is easier and more cost-effective to store digital documents long-term.

That said, some organizations have hybrid archives that include both physical and digital documents. The use of digital files has increased over the years with the use of online forms, acceptance of electronic documents and signatures, and growth in secure cloud storage services.

Is Your Company Managing Information Efficiently?

As many as 34% of firms report that they still have most of their business content on paper. This increases capital and operation costs because of time-consuming file searches, additional file cabinets and higher lost file risks.

Scanning these documents and creating digital image files is the first step in creating a digital document management system. If your business is still dealing with paper documents and filing cabinets, it might be time you start thinking about an Efficient Information Management program.

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