Managed Print Services

Can Your Print Environment Use Improvement?

The hidden costs of printing to a business can add up to real revenue loss if not accurately tracked and managed. Oftentimes, the responsibilities for printing are spread out over several departments, with one doing the purchasing and another involved in maintenance. This can lead to decreased productivity and increased costs for labor.

A Managed Print Service can alleviate many of these burdens and save business costs by up to 30%. With an MPS, everything from device health and maintenance to toner replenishment can be automated. Freeing your employees, optimizing their workflow, and saving you money.

A Managed Print Service provides a way to automate your business’s print environment to save you money, reduce waste, and increase productivity. With an MPS in place you gain…

  • Better cost control
  • Optimized print network
  • Automated toner replenishment
  • Environmental benefits

Personalized Print Assessment

The first step in implementing a Managed Print Service is to receive an assessment. This initial overview will consider your current devices, along with…

  • Assessing your volume and usage, including the type of ink or toner and type of use (print fax or scan)
  • Comparative Print Analysis, or determining how cost-efficient devices are in the office
  • A user report assessment to determine user behavior
  • Optimizing processes to determine to what extent a new print infrastructure will contribute to improved workflows
  • Environmental analysis to help gauge the impact the proposed MPS might have on the environment

Once this initial assessment has been performed a tailored proposal will be created and you choose the best deal that’s right for your business.

The Experts at Waltz Business Solutions Can Improve Your Print Environment

At Waltz, we stand behind our service Commitment with expert professionals dedicated to the highest levels of customer service. We also offer our Total Printer Care Plus Program which includes…

  • Service and toner available for all popular printers
  • Purchase toner exclusively from Waltz and receive service free of charge (excluding parts)
  • Toner shipped via UPS 2-day ground
  • Automatic shipment of toner
  • 1-year term agreements, printers can be added, deleted, or replaced throughout the term of the agreement

Begin your journey toward a more optimized print environment with our free assessment!

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