Document Destruction

Your business documents have a lifecycle. They are created, stored, used, preserved, and archived. Eventually, they reach their end. Something must be done when a document has achieved its purpose and is no longer needed by an organization. Information pertinent to the business, and especially personal data, are vulnerable at the end stage of a document and usually, the safest course of action is destruction.

Destroying documents keeps data safe and helps with compliance in many industries. The destruction of documents is something that must be done carefully, and with the utmost care and respect for confidentiality.

How Are Documents Destroyed?

To ensure the complete destruction of all data found on a document they are generally shredded in bulk. This reduces the paper to tiny strips that are often recycled into new paper products.

Some shredding companies offer on-site shredding so you can watch your documents being destroyed. Often this is costlier than off-site shredding, as the customer is paying for the overhead of the machine transportation and employees to handle the destruction.

Off-site shredding involves the transport of your documents in secured containers to a facility that shreds your documents. The advantages often include a more cost-effective and time-saving experience, as well as documentation and certification that your documents were destroyed properly and successfully.

Shredding as a Service

Many industries, like banking and healthcare, utilize documents with an extremely short life span. The end of the lifecycle comes quickly for these materials and disposing of them properly is an important aspect of day-to-day business.

In cases like this, shredding services will often offer scheduled services to destroy your documents. Generally weekly or monthly, this service helps decrease the number of spent documents being stored by the company.

Safely Discard Unwanted Sensitive Documents Per Regulations

Protect yourself and your clients from identity theft by securely purging unnecessary documents. Waltz Business Solutions offers Document Shredding and Document Destruction services that allow you to effortlessly dispose of unwanted confidential information, so it does not end up in the wrong hands.

Waltz Business Solutions Document Destruction Provides…

  • Office-friendly collection consoles
  • Regularly scheduled pick up
  • Bulk purge
  • Certificate of Destruction

Document Destruction Service Advantages…

  • Reduce the clutter of outdated and unwanted documents
  • One-time shred or regularly scheduled
  • Peace of mind knowing that confidential documents cannot be leaked
  • Cost-Effective
  • Environment-Friendly