In today’s business world, data security is of the highest concern. This not only includes data breaches but also loss due to disaster. Some industries, like healthcare, require certain levels of document security due to HIPPA regulations.

A document management system (DMS) is software used to manage and track electronic documents. It can be used with multi-functional devices (MFDs) and scanners to create an easy-to-use document workflow that anyone in your office will be able to navigate through.

Document management systems don’t just improve workflows, they also come with an enhanced level of security designed to protect your company’s important and confidential information. Listed below are some of the features that are included in a DMS that help keep data secure.

Essential Encryption

Data can be encrypted using an encryption algorithm and an encryption key. This information may only be viewed in its original format if the correct key has been used to decipher the message. Document encryption plays a vital role in keeping your company’s documents and records secure.

Role-Based Access

Role-based access begins when users are added to the company’s document management system. Each designated user will be given a role. Roles may be assigned to teams or individuals.

Depending on the role and the team to which a user has been assigned, users are granted access to permitted information and documents. This enables the company to keep information secure to only those who must have access to it.

Audit Trails

Document management systems offer audit trails for every single document contained within them. Audit trails can track a document throughout its circulation. This feature allows administrators the ability to see who edited documents, the time in which those changes were made, and any comments that were made about the document.

Audit trails give companies the opportunity to hold the appropriate parties accountable for any errors or to be able to reach out to them and clarify any changes that were made.

Modifying Ownership

Should an employee resign or be let go, the company can transfer the ownership of that person’s documents to another employee. This provides better accessibility while also increasing security by preventing former employees from having access to sensitive information that should not be shared.

Recovering Documents In A Disaster

When you use a cloud-based document management system, your important information and documents will be stored and readily available in the event of a disaster.
Paper documents are sometimes lost because of human error and natural disasters. Having an online-based backup keeps you from having to stress about important documents not being able to be restored.
As a business owner, you know the security of your company’s information and all its documents is more important than it has ever been. Therefore it is crucial to integrate a secure document management system into the workflow.

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