Most businesses deal with tedious document-heavy tasks during day-to-day operations. Examples of just a few would be expense reports, purchase orders, acquisition forms, payroll, vacation requests, travel request authorization, expense claims, recruitment, and many more.

A document management workflow is a process you use to store, share, delete, edit, categorize, and manage the documents in your organization. The process aims to provide clear guidelines on how to complete a task in the document management life cycle.

Difficulties Of Working With Manual Document Management

At the start of a business, manual document filing can be quick, easy, and necessary. However, as your business grows, manual filing can become a very cumbersome practice.

In a busy business world, it is important that you can file, find, and store documents in a quick and effective way. If paperwork gets misplaced or overlooked, it slows down your business and slow operations affect productivity and growth. Document management software is a popular solution to these problems.

What Does Document Management Software Do?

Document management software is a system or process used to capture, track, and store electronic documents such as PDFs, word processing files, and digital images of paper-based content.

Document management can save you time and money as the software-created workflows help streamline processes. The documents do not go away; they just become digital and are able to be processed more efficiently.

By decreasing paper shuffling, the inefficiencies associated with this method of transfer are reduced.

Streamline Business Processes And Automating Document Workflows

Companies continuing to work with documents in paper form rather than digital or electronic versions are turning their back on technology and the upgrades to efficiency and productivity it offers. By simply automating your workflows with the help of a document management solution, you can stop shuffling paper and streamline your business processes.

Let’s face it, paper is hardly the most efficient medium for information.

With document management software, all documents are viewed and stored within the software, and reviewing the document is as simple as clicking a button.

The Workflow Software Process Can Improve Your Business

A workflow process is a series of steps or stages that are carried out in succession to achieve a goal. By following these steps, you can be sure that you’re doing the right thing at the right time.

Below are the benefits of a workflow process:

  • Reduce your workload and improve your efficiency.
  • You will have fewer things to keep in mind because you will just follow the workflow step by step.
  • You can create workflows based on different types of events or situations such as a certain type of customer email, a specific project, or a specific invoice issue.
  • Reduce duplication of tasks by breaking down work into separate steps.
  • Eliminate the need for employees to work out issues on their own.
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating time spent on redundant tasks.
  • Standardize processes by providing a framework for employees to follow.
  • Collaboration between teams becomes faster with workflow processes.

With document workflow management software, users know when they have work to do, and managers can monitor every step within workflows.

Question And Insight To Help You Choose A Document Management Workflow Solution

  • Security – Whether you’re a national retailer, international pharmaceutical company, or a small company, security and privacy breaches can have a devastating effect on your business. Your industry’s document security compliance and regulatory demands will play a role in selecting the solution for your business.
  • Sharing documents – Collaboration allows employees to share files and edit group documents.  When selecting a new document workflow solution, you will need to assess the need of collaboration tools.
  • Internal and external perspective – If you have clients, customers or vendors that require access to your documents, you will need a system that provides them with secure access
  • Integration – You may need a workflow solution capable of integrating with other systems in your office.  For example, if your company uses QuickBooks, you may add a lot of efficiency if that system integrates easily.
  • Record retention and disposal – Some companies must retain files for months or even years and others have no need for long term storage.  The correct workflow solution will allow your employees to set firm policies for document retention periods. It can also establish a system for reviewing files before purging.
  • Paper vs paperless – Are there still certain components that are completed and submitted on paper? Document management workflow can help you manage both paper and paperless documents if your business needs both.

Waltz Can Help Your Company With Document Management

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Only after your business’s document management style has been analyzed, can a provider help select the workflow solution that meets your demand and improves efficiency and productivity for your business.

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