Your old printer may have given you years of faithful service, but nothing lasts forever. You may want to ask yourself if your old printer is serving you or requiring you to service it.

At a certain point, you’ll need to ask yourself whether it’s worth keeping your old workhorse inkjet or laser printer. Keeping that printer alive may cost you more money than it’s worth.

The following are a few signs you may need a new printer…

  1. Your Business Has Grown – Your business has grown and now you want to do graphics and brochures and make double-sided copies, and your old printer is not up to the job.
  2. Excessive Amount of Paper Jams – Paper jams are now an everyday occurrence. All printers have paper jams but not every day — if this is happening, your printer may just be worn out.
  3. Hard to Find Replacement Parts – If your replacement parts are becoming very difficult to find and are expensive, it may be better to buy a new printer.
  4. Streaks / Faded Text – Are you getting streaks, missing pages, and faded text?  If this is the case is, it is time to shop for a new printer.
  5. Software is Antiquated – The technology of your printer is outdated or obsolete. Print technology has progressed quite rapidly over the last 5-10 years, with newer models from recent years vastly outperforming older models.
  6. Too Many Repairs Needed – If you are spending too much on repairs rather than just regular maintenance.
  7. Ink/Toner Is Getting More Expensive – As printers evolve over time, many older ink and toner cartridge models become obsolete and more expensive.

So, should you replace that old printer? If your printer is more than five years old, contact Waltz to get some options and pricing for a new printer.

Waltz Can Help You Choose the Right Multi-Function Printer For Your Company

There are many benefits that come with adding a multifunctional printer (MFP). They can print, scan, and copy meaning you can get more tasks completed while minimizing waste.

The right MFP allows you to streamline processes and improve the overall workflow in your office. This gives your employees more time to focus on achieving their core objectives instead of spending half their day dealing with technology issues.
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