Is your company still printing ads? Are you looking for new ways to expand your marketing department’s reach and ability to make a lasting impression on your customers? Maybe it’s time to look at what interactive signage can bring to the table.

A study by Arbitron found that two-thirds of American teens and adults viewed digital video displays in a month. While not incredibly surprising, they also found that almost half of digital video viewers could recall specific advertisements they saw on the screen and 1 in 5 made purchases based on an item they saw on a video display.

The study has a wealth of other information, but it makes one thing clear. Exposing ads to your customers just isn’t enough anymore. Customers want to interact with brands and the emerging trend of interactive signage gives them that chance.

What Is Interactive Digital Signage Compared To Digital Signage?

Digital signage includes many different things from menu selections at restaurants to billboards on the side of the road and jumbotrons at sports games. But interactive digital signage takes basic digital signage to the next level and marketers in industries of all sorts have begun to embrace the perks of this advanced signage.

The software that supports interactive digital signage allows the end user to interact directly with the screen in front of them — whether it be the customer trying to pay their tab, the waitress attempting to get her orders in, or the team working behind the scenes.

Interactive digital signage allows you to do more than just look at a message– you are now able to respond. From a basic advertising form to an effective way to communicate with the person on the other end. And when your customers are able to engage with your brand they are more likely to make purchases and stay loyal.

Where Can You See Interactive Digital Signage?

Interactive digital signage exists throughout the modern marketing landscape. Even if your business has yet to invest in interactive digital signage, you have most likely used a form of it in your time.

Restaurants across the country have slowly started implementing tabletop kiosks for ordering and payment. Malls and museums have oversized screens you can interact with to see deals or learn more. Even grocery stores are beginning to see the benefits of interactive signage for displays.

Many major airports have added interactive digital signage to allow travelers to stay informed. This is quite useful for the rushed flier that is looking for any information regarding their flight, gate changes, and estimated arrival and departure times.

If you are wanting to turn standard advertising into something fun, interactive digital signage is a great way to do so. Not only can it be aesthetically pleasing but it also is a highly effective way to appeal to younger, more tech-savvy customers.

Where Can You Add Interactivity to Your Marketing Strategies?

Meeting your customers where they are is a great way to relay your messages and bring more people
through your doors. A few ways this could look would be:

  • Interactive scenarios for way-finding kiosks in shopping malls,
  • Info boards in hotels
  • POS displays in retail stores
  • Tabletop self-service terminals in restaurants

As with any new technology, we are only begging to see all the ways in which an interactive video display can give your marketing a shot in the arm!

Why Is Interactive Digital Signage Important In Today’s World?

Our world continues to move towards becoming more interactive and digital. As a business, you want to keep up with the trends to stay relevant. Incorporating interactivity is a more effective way to market your business, build brand awareness, and increase your sales.

Interactive digital signage is a much different and more effective way to market than traditional advertising forms. When you encourage customers to engage with your marketing efforts, you can build brand awareness while getting feedback in real-time.

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