Smart boards, or interactive whiteboards, can create a better learning experience for your students while improving your educators’ lives. Teachers and students are now able to collaborate, share files and presentations, use educational software, and access educational resources online all at the front of the classroom where everyone can participate.Smart boards are more engaging, making students eager to learn. The following are 5 reasons your school can benefit from interactive whiteboards…

#1: Increase Student Engagement 

The digital world we are living in is nothing new to today’s students, and studies have shown that they are better learners because of their exposure to interactive technology early in life. Smart boards have boosted student engagement, enhanced peer collaboration, and helped students retain information from lessons. Interactive whiteboards, such as the Samsung Interactive Pro, allow teachers to create compelling lessons by typing or writing on the screen while giving them the ability to highlight, circle, or zoom in on key points. In addition, teachers can share multimedia content including webpages, images, videos, and presentations. Smart boards can also be subdivided into smaller sections to allow several students to work on them at the same time.

#2: Suitable for Various Learning Styles

Students have unique learning styles so whether a child is an auditory learner, kinesthetic learner, or a visual learner, a smart board offers benefits to all. Visual learners are able to benefit from a high-def display screen so they can clearly see the content being taught; hands-on learners can write on the board using a stylus or their finger, and auditory learners can hear multimedia content that is presented before them. Teachers are able to use their interactive whiteboard to teach small groups divided according to the learning style, when working one-on-one with students, and with the group as a whole.

#3: Create, Save, and Share Lessons 

For years teachers have devoted their time in creating packets for students who were absent. Now, educators have the opportunity to use an interactive whiteboard to take screenshots of their lesson plans, save them, and send them to everyone in their class, as well as to other teachers who need them. Content options have become limitless– teachers are now able to save their notes so they can pick up where they left off and they can create material for students to look over when they are out. This can benefit all students but especially those who might be starting to slip behind as they no longer have to stress over keeping up with the pace of the teacher to get notes. When they miss something as it was said, they can now refer back to the lesson when they get a free minute. Oh, and before we forget, setting up an interactive smartboard at the start of the day is easy. You will simply turn it on and start your lesson. And when the day is finished, teachers can turn off the board without having to devote any extra time to erasing, cleaning, or making their own copies of the day’s lesson.

#4: Classroom Anywhere

If your students are learning in-person or remotely, interactive whiteboards have made it easter than ever for education to include all students using videoconference technology. You no longer have to set up your own cameras to connect with all of your students. Those students who are learning remotely are now able to see whatever the teacher is doing and connect with their peers. Not only will your smart board allow hybrid learning to occur with ease, it encourages such.

#5: Helping Students Achieve their Goals

Studies have shown that students who have access to smartboards did increasingly better on standardized tests than students who do not. What sets smartboards apart is the teacher’s ability to use visual materials, screen designs, paintings, and symbols to facilitate learning. These tools have increased permanence in learning for students. Considering how many ways an interactive white board can better the learning experience, investing in them just seems right. Afterall, an investment in your classrooms is an investment in your teachers and students.

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