Oftentimes we become so comfortable with established office methods we can lose sight of the hidden costs behind them. From phones to fees to the creation and management of documents, a company can find they are spending needlessly in many areas. Here we provide a few tips to help you find these hidden costs and hopefully eliminate them.

Cut the Cord

If your company requires a traditional business phone line, switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can provide you with the same features as the phone company at a lower cost. In addition, most professionals are familiar with services such as Skype, Google Voice, and Zoom, all of which are great alternatives for business communication.

Utilize Annual Subscriptions

If you’re paying for subscriptions through software companies, take advantage of yearly subscriptions. Paying annually rather than monthly typically comes at a lower rate, enabling you access to the same product for less money.

Strive for a Modern Workplace

If your business still prints a large number of documents, you’re spending money on consumables such as paper and ink or toner cartridges. You can eliminate this expense by going paperless. Instead of printing documents, utilize electronic versions that can be worked with, shared, and stored digitally. Take advantage of electronic signatures for documents such as contracts that require signatures.

Hidden Costs Are Everywhere

Do you have a good handle on hidden costs? From the time and money spent managing your own print environment to the true cost of storing paper documents, there is a wide range of cost-cutting methods that don’t just save money but also boost your productivity and increase the speed and quality of your workflow.

The Solutions Specialists at Waltz are experts at finding the areas in your business where you could be saving money. 

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