Organizations in almost every industry are experiencing a digital transformation. Converting paper documents to digital and digitizing existing customer records and files is making firms more compliant and competitive. Not only are these businesses more closely adhering to regulations, but they are securing their important business information more effectively.

There are multiple reasons why a firm should think about implementing document and content management in the cloud to manage the ever-growing amount of information that digital transformation efforts nationwide have created.

The following are the reasons why your business can benefit from keeping important content in the cloud…

Cloud Document & Content Management Is Cost Effective

When using a document management system, DMS, or content management system, CMS, that is hosted in the cloud, you remove the capital expense needed for onsite hardware. These include uninterruptible power supplies, strong servers, and other advanced onsite technology equipment.

In terms of maintenance, cloud-based document and content management systems eliminate the need for license management, server maintenance, operating system upgrades, system patching, and complex onsite security infrastructure.

Cloud management helps free up your IT resources from these tasks so that they can focus their time and attention on other areas that are essential to the business initiatives of the firm.

Accessibility + Improved Employee Experiences = Increased Productivity

In the past, digital information and documents were stored on a central document management server. This could only be accessed by authorized users if they were on the corporate local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) that the server was attached to. Providing access to offsite employees required confusing and expensive workarounds.

Today, approximately 1 in 4 employees work remotely and that number is expected to increase. Implementing a document or content management system in the cloud will make the necessary information accessible to workers anytime from anywhere using a standard web browser.

This is the best way to allow both remote and in-office employees to access digital documents, information, and workflows that are required to do their job. This also makes it easier for employees to collaborate, regardless of where they are located, without losing time or running into problems. As a result, productivity is increased.

Quicker Deployment & Scalability

In-house document or cloud management systems require the proper IT equipment, space to store the equipment, deploying required licenses and client applications to employee computers, and establishing an effective management process. When your business expands, especially if you already have an existing onsite document or cloud management system, adding new automated workflows and employees can take a lot of time. There could also be limits to the scalability of your current CMS or DMS.

However, a document management system in the cloud will eliminate the cost and complexity of deployment while providing you with a scalable platform that gives your business agility in meeting the demands that come with growth.

If your business is just starting out, and even if you already have an established DMS or CMS in place, cloud-based solutions will provide you with more manageable ways to digitize your business and create the market competitiveness you are dreaming about.

A Secure Space That Is Compliant And Allows Room For Growth

Cloud content or document management system solutions help create a more secure space for your important documents and information. The cloud platforms that the majority of DMS and CMS solutions are hosted on, like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services, provide you with more security than most onsite IT teams.

Encryption, persistent and multiple database backups, as well as constantly maintained firewalls, help minimize any security threat while protecting your important data from being lost because of man-made or natural disasters.

DMS and CMS solutions can also be managed by a limited number of authorized users. You can also limit what documents certain users are able to access and what they are allowed to do with them.
Alerts and audit trails for system and security administrators help ensure security protocols are being followed and can be implemented using cloud management. Businesses can comply with regulatory and privacy protection mandates and will rest assured knowing that their critical business information is well protected guaranteeing business continuity regardless of any external threats.

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