As with all technology, printers have come a long way from where they began as an office staple. Whereas once the printer was a simple, one-job tool, the printer has been reimagined to keep pace with the ever-evolving office structure of today.

The new multi-function printer (MFP) is a device that consolidates the functionality of a printer, copier, scanner, and/or fax into one machine. Along with the benefit of all these machines in one device, new models with the latest technology are more energy efficient with lower maintenance and operating costs.

Even if you don’t have a regular need to fax, scan or copy, having an MFP gives you the flexibility to respond to new trends in your business. If you are planning on purchasing an MFP for your office, here are some things you should keep in mind.

See What You Will Print

You want to make sure your MFP has a large 5″x8″ full-color touchscreen display. This display is similar in size to a smartphone making it familiar and intuitive to use.

With a display, you can swipe and pinch the images on the printer’s touchscreen until you are happy with the layout. When you hit the print button the exact same image you see on the screen is deposited onto a sheet of paper.

The Ability To Connect To Your Computer

Cloud connectivity is a must-have in today’s world, not only for the security it provides but also for the flexibility to remote and hybrid offices. An MFP’s ability to directly connect to Office 365 or Google is a necessity. With an MFP you can directly scan files into the cloud file services or email services, saving time and increasing productivity in your office.

Make Sure You Have Smart Software And App Platform Ability On Your MFP

An MFP that has software and apps installed lets the employee simplify workflows by scanning and converting documents at the MFP and inserting them into the software used for the business process.

Smart apps are created and made available from the MFP’s operator panel for easy one-touch access. This is faster and more accurate, eliminating costly and time-consuming data entry mistakes.

Communication And Scanning By Mobile Phone

Make sure your MFP supports mobile print and apps that can be downloaded onto an employee’s mobile device. Whether issued by your organization or a bring-your-own device, employees rely on these devices to communicate by accessing documents and scanning.

Getting Back To Work Safely With Touchless Print

In the “good old days,” the shared office multi-function printer or copier was accessible to virtually everyone in the office, all of whom used the device’s touchscreens or buttons to select the functions and features needed to complete print, copy, or scan jobs.

What the COVID-19 era has brought into sharp relief, though, is that those frequently touched surfaces could be breeding grounds for germs. Touchless print release and scan operations are important considerations in keeping your employees safe and healthy.

Increased Complexity Of Today’s Security Features

Organizations of all sizes rely on a vast array of technologies to help make daily activities and communication more efficient. Adoption of new platforms such as mobile and cloud can increase the frequency and complexity of security challenges.

The more open and intricate these platforms become, the more organizations face constant threats that could put sensitive information and business continuity at risk.

The security landscape has become increasingly treacherous. Awareness that network printers and MFPs have become hacking points has made advanced security features and functions more important than ever to include in a new MFP decision.

Purchasing a Multi-function Printer

When considering an MFP purchase, just as important as what it does is where you get it from. You could buy straight from the manufacturer, but a better option is making your purchase with a local, independent provider.

With the benefits that will come from upgrading to a new MFP, along with the stellar customer service of a local provider like Waltz Business Solutions, you will be positioning your company for success. Improve your workflows, lower your costs, and have all your document creation needs on one device.

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