Print Management Rescues a Beleaguered IT Department – J.T.M. Food Group (Harrison, Ohio)

J.T.M. Food Group needed someone to manage their fleet of printers and keep them supplied. The initial contract was to help them with 25+ printers and the success Waltz has had with J.T.M. has resulted in them bringing us in to help them with their 20+ copiers.


  • Client: J.T.M. Food Group
  • Industry:Food
  • Products/Services: Managed Print Service
  • Results…
    • Reduces the drain on IT resources
    • Uniform print environment creates a rise in productivity
    • Fast and responsive customer service leads to less downtime

The Problem

A forward-thinking food-processing company, J.T.M. Food Group remains anchored on the same principles as the original butcher shop: quality and value. With four generations of experience, J.T.M. provides quality, on-trend, great-tasting foods to customers who expect the best.

About 2 years ago, the professionals at J.T.M. began having trouble managing their print environment.

“Our 27 (21 b/w, 6 color HP printers) became too much to manage for an IT department of a family-owned manufacturing business.” Says Jason Herrmann

Senior Director, IT Systems and Technology. “The hit on IT resources alone was becoming a major issue.”

As Mr. Herrmann can attest, a printing fleet can be a huge drain on productivity for an IT department, including loss of productivity and interrupting workflows.

The Solution

The professionals at J.T.M. turned to Waltz Business Solutions for a Managed Print Service.

“We reached out to Jerry for a solution, and he did not disappoint.” Says Mr. Herrmann.

Waltz Business Solutions began managing their fleet of 27 HP printers with maintenance, repair, and toner, all backed by the Waltz Customer Satisfaction Commitment.

“With the size of our campus as well as the printer count, there were some minor hiccups. Waltz was always responsive and determined to deliver a quick solution.”

The Results

With the introduction of a managed print service, J.T.M. now has an IT department that is free to focus more on their work and less on their printer problems. Along with this increase in productivity, the professionals at J.T.M. have a more secure, streamlined print environment that helps to reduce printing costs and produces less waste.


With their initial print environment problems solved the folks at J.T.M are looking to the future.

“We have since signed a 3-year contract with Waltz; with that contract, they have provided Kyocera Printers (same toner across the entire campus: HUGE WIN). We are also in the process of moving all our copiers/printers from Prosource to Waltz (20+ copiers).”

With an optimized print environment, the experts at J.T.M. are more confident in their ability to provide quality service to their customers.

“I cannot say enough about the Waltz team. Two thumbs up from me and J.T.M.”

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