The workforce today is constantly evolving, making the need for communication and collaboration increasingly important. Technological advancements continue to change the way in which people get their jobs done. More and more employees are bringing laptops, tablets, and smartphones into professional meetings as a way to share information they have put together. In addition, many employees are still implementing a hybrid schedule, in which they work part-time in the office and the other remotely.

One of the best ways that companies can offer their employees a collaborative workspace is by bringing an interactive whiteboard into their conference rooms. When used in a business setting, interactive whiteboards allow those present to use their own devices in order to share their information with everyone else in the room. Oh, and these displays not only work in the office, but they can also be used remotely.

5 Ways You Can Benefit From Adding An Interactive Whiteboard To Your Boardroom…

#1: Simplifying the Process

When you bring an interactive whiteboard into your conference room or training session, all you will need to do is connect and get busy. Interactive displays are easy to use as they require minimal training meaning almost anyone can use them with ease. An interactive whiteboard is able to present information in a more effective manner using a variety of handheld media tools. You can mirror anything that is on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet onto the display so that everyone in the room, or even working remotely, can see the information being presented clearly.

#2: Easy to Use

The majority of interactive displays on today’s market offer a range of useful preinstalled apps and can connect without any complications to the cloud services users have become familiar with. Wireless connectivity makes it easy for users to collaborate on documents using their own devices in real-time, enabling employees to use their own devices during their own meetings making the workplace more enjoyable while connecting more people than ever.

#3: Boost Productivity

Boardrooms that come outfitted with powerful interactive displays allow teams to connect and, in turn, get their projects done more efficiently. Why do these modern displays enhance collaboration? Because they were something the world couldn’t have even begun to imagine just a decade ago. New capabilities and increased functionality have improved digital collaboration and broken down the barriers that have limited achievements when older forms of technology ran business meetings. Today’s more collaborative work style is a good way to boost day-to-day productivity whether your teams are working in the office or somewhere remotely.

#4: Make a Statement

Being one of the first to offer interactive displays is an easy way to make a big statement. These displays come in different sizes, from small displays in huddle rooms to oversized video walls in your atrium, an interactive display will help to ensure your teams can collaborate more efficiently than in the years before. Clear, precise displays help people to absorb the information presented to them more easily so that they can stay focused and offer better contributions. Choose a display that offers 4K ultra-high-definition resolution for increased visual clarity, offering your employees a way to showcase the most detailed diagrams, documents, and presentations.

#5: Engaging Your Audience

Together we can make dull presentations a thing of the past. Interactive displays offer a user-friendly interface to make presentations more comprehensive, effective, and engaging, creating a more productive environment to get work done. Touch screens offer an eye-pleasing interface that will increase employee engagement as presenters share their information. You have the ability to add multiple presenters to share their presentations and documents on the display at the same time without having to fool with a bunch of cords. When you implement a user-friendly interactive display, your employees will be able to share their best ideas with ease.

Interactive displays have proven to be a valuable part of boardrooms nationwide as they increase engagement, efficiency, and participation for all involved. Empower your conference room– get an interactive display today.

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