Have you wondered what digital workflow is and if it could help in your office? Visualize yourself attempting to find a certain picture on your computer. The picture you’re looking for was taken 5 years ago. This is where a digital workflow helps to manage software and cut down on the time-consuming search for that one certain thing. This can even be as quick as just a few seconds. Your business can become more effective and productive using digital workflow.

What Is A Digital Workflow?

First, let’s consider what digital workflow is. A system of accomplishing things is a “workflow.” Workflows are all around you, at work and home. It’s amazing to think that just a few decades ago we were doing everything by hand. The following is an example of a manual workflow: If you needed something, you had to fill out a form and give it to the right person, who then forwarded it to another department, and on and on. Now things are done digitally, and this workflow creates a quicker process. Instead of handing off paper forms, you fill out a form online and it immediately forward it to the correct person. There is more than one way for a digital workflow to be established in your office to speed up your daily production.

How Can A Digital Workflow Be Implemented In My Office?

Even if you already have a digital workflow in your office, you can improve it by adding a few things. First, having a digital workflow for your images helps you to organize your pictures as well as have them backed up for easy access later. Next, specific settings for your printer can be added on so that you can just press one button for most of the things you print. Lastly, document management is optimized by having documents and files that can be accessed more quickly. You can also have a system that organizes your files and changes paper files to digital files.

9 Steps to Create a Digital Workflow…

  1. Track down your digitization candidates
  2. Create a workflow map for each new digital workflow
  3. Make the new process accessible to the whole team
  4. Find your perfect automation software partner
  5. Digitize Paper Files
  6. Keep roles and permissions crystal clear
  7. Test, test, test, and then deploy
  8. Keep an eye on progress with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  9. Fine-tune digital workflows to push toward more productivity.

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