The right MFP allows you to streamline processes and improve the overall workflow in your office. This gives your employees more time to focus on achieving their core objectives instead of spending half their day dealing with technology issues.

Many benefits come with adding an MFP. They can print, scan, and copy meaning you can get more tasks completed while minimizing waste. As you choose the right MFP, consider the following:

Is The MFP You Are Considering User-Friendly?

You can help prevent unnecessary downtime and bottlenecks that slow production by investing in an MFP that is user-friendly. Look for devices that require minimal training to use and have intuitive interfaces. When products in our offices work as they are expected to, it makes the job easier to do.

Assess Your Hardware To See If You Need To Make Improvements To Operational Workflows

How your printer hardware functions will have a direct impact on your employee’s ability to get their jobs done well. If your printers are constantly breaking, getting jammed up with paper, or are slow, it can have a major impact on the workflow throughout the office.

You can prevent these issues by leasing or purchasing a new MFP. Having a device that does it all will make the job seem less overwhelming– no more using multiple machines to copy, fax, print, and scan.

Take the time to assess your existing hardware and look for ways that you can make improvements, so it is easier for your employees to get more done. Purchasing an MFP consolidates several tasks into one which, in turn, improves the overall workflow.

Do You Have The Right Device For Your Business Operations?

Before you finalize your decision, you should consider the key features of different MFPs to make sure they meet the needs of your office.

There are a few decisions you will need to make:

  • Do you want the option to print in color or are you okay with just black and white?
  • What paper and memory capacity will you need to avoid downtime every day?
  • How detailed do you want your graphics and how large will you need some copies to be?

Having an MFP that meets the needs of your office will optimize workflow throughout.

Let’s say you need a rapid output of black-and-white documents. An MFP that specializes in black and white prints would be more suitable for your office than one that produces oversized color posters and other materials focused on the marketing aspects of a business.

If your business consists of multiple departments, you might consider getting different types of MFPs based on the needs of each department.

Keep Your Devices Secure

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for hackers to target businesses of all sorts. Getting hacked can lead to a complete halt in the workflow. Older hardware poses a major security risk as they are essentially an open invitation for cybercriminals seeking to steal any data they can get their hands on.

Fortunately, modern MFPs are advanced networked devices that offer top-of-the-line security features designed to protect your data from any intruders. Having secure devices should not be underestimated.

Where Are You Getting Your Next Printer?

Just as important as what kind of MFP you buy is where you buy it from. Buying from a local, independent dealer, like Waltz Business Solutions, comes with many benefits you won’t find from the manufacturer. Check out our range of printers or contact us for a free print assessment today!

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