Being proactive with engagement technologies is a core aspect of the modern hybrid classroom as there will be a mix of students who are present in the physical classroom and also some participants joining the class virtually. The School News Network identified engagement as the most important measure of student success. Students who are engaged stay motivated. Kids that get involved see results and drive performance achievement for their schools. All teachers are looking for new ways to engage students. The following are tips based on what has actually worked in today’s hybrid classroom. It reveals how digital technologies provide the means for advising success regardless of institutional size or delivery method.

Remote Participation

Students depend on technology to help them keep pace and excel. Collaboration and communication offerings can help give students—as well as administrators, teachers and other educators— the digital tools needed to engage, connect, learn, and succeed from virtually anywhere. Interactive touch screens allow students at home to take part in group activities and continue to build bonds with their classmates.

Fun Virtual Field Trips Are Possible

Engage Students. Go from teaching science through lectures, slides, and drills alone to inviting students to actively participate in the process of science. As a teacher, nothing is more draining than unengaged students. Touchscreens allow students to explore scientific phenomena first-hand so you can ignite their passion for science and your love for teaching. With a touchscreen, a teacher can display images or video and write notes on the screen using software. Students can interact with the part they like best.

Learning Games For Classroom Touchscreens And Interactive Displays

Classroom competitions are a strong motivator. The touchscreen puts a new high-tech spin on what is possible. Students in the classroom can write their answers while the remote student with the touchscreen can compete at home. With access to all the learning apps in the google play store there is always a new way to make education fun.

How Technology Can Help Shy And Introverted Students

In contemporary society, anyone can share his or her voice via the internet or social media. This technology improves education for shy or introverted students, who are now finding that this enables them to speak up and participate in the school day. Educators can now use technology to help all students, no matter their learning styles or needs. Touchscreens offer a host of ways that students can answer questions in a way that is more comfortable for them, so teachers know that their words are really getting through. Remote touchscreen technology gives students an opportunity to reply without being judged or questioned.

Waltz Can Help You With Interactive Displays, Smartboards, and Video Walls

Whiteboards and projectors had their time, but now students need more sophisticated tools to succeed in the world beyond the classroom. The touchscreen captivates students and helps them engage even from remote locations. It makes learning fun, competitive, imaginative, and rewarding.

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