Businesses today deal with more documents than ever, but many are still using outdated practices to process them. According to a Forrester report commissioned by Adobe, 97% of organizations have minimal or no digital document processes, and 72% use a mix of paper and digital processes.

As the shape of the modern office evolves, digital processes are becoming increasingly important to optimizing workflows and saving money. Remote and hybrid offices especially see gains in moving their document management to digital processes, but any company will benefit from the increased security and productivity that comes with implementing a document management system.

What are some of the ways a DMS makes your document workflow more secure and efficient? Read on to find out!

Restrict Users

With a document management system in place, you gain the ability to control who sees your documents. Setting access levels for all your company’s information means that information can be funneled to the employees that need it and documents that are not required aren’t cluttering up workflows.

Access controls can also help with compliance. Heavily regulated industries like healthcare will find that implementing a DMS will help control liability by ensuring data is available to the right people and not floating freely for everyone to see.

Audit Trails

Just as important as controlling access, tracking documents throughout workflows and the life cycle of the document is made simple with a DMS.

A variety of tools allow you to see who created a document, where it’s at currently, and even past versions. Simultaneous editing is coordinated with access controls, so versions don’t get overwritten. Less data is lost and the need for expensive recreation of documents is practically eliminated.

Less Time To Retrieve or Recreate Documents

The most successful businesses work fast and efficiently. Time spent digging through filing cabinets or boxes is time taken away from providing for your customers. In document-rich businesses, this can not only be inefficient, but costly.

Imagine, then, that document retrieval takes a quarter of the time it currently does in your organization. What could get accomplished in that time saved? How could the workload shift when your employees no longer must spend inordinate amounts of time retrieving or recreating documents?

With a document management service, files are available at your fingertips and at the speed of your internet. Less time working with physical documents means more time for productivity. Who doesn’t want that?

Store Documents Efficiently

How does your document management system look right now? Do you have rooms full of filing cabinets? Boxes of folders and files stacked up in a dusty corner? Maybe your organization is documentrich, in which case you may be paying for external storage.

Digitizing your documents into a DMS can save you from storage fees, not to mention the results of unforeseen disasters. The implementation of a DMS can also allow you to reclaim valuable office space used for document storage.

Access From Anywhere, Anytime

We’ve spent some time talking about access as it pertains to controlling documents, but a DMS offers accessibility options beyond regulation. With a DMS, employees can retrieve documents anywhere they are.

With the rise of remote and hybrid workplaces businesses are striving to find new ways to get work done fast and effectively even when teams may not be in the same room. Whether working remotely, from home, or on the road, a DMS offers the opportunity for your employees to receive business-critical information anywhere, anytime.

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