Document Scanning Solution for a Manufacturing Client (Cincinnati, Ohio)

The Situation

Our client needed office space for new hires in rooms that were currently filled with files.

Our client is a large manufacturer of rubber and silicone molded machine parts, as well as responsible for maintaining the machines that make them. They have 5 production facilities across the world and have been serving their customers since 1965. Their industry by nature was very paper-intensive, and almost all of their documents had to be kept for the duration of the life cycle of the machines they provided maintenance for. This created a need to have large filing rooms for all those documents and as our client grew it began to create challenges for them. Their administration was hiring five new team members and 3 the next year.

Our Solution

Document Scanning Services

During one of our regular account review meetings, we discussed our ability to perform scanning as a service. Together, we identified the fact that they had quite a bit of square footage dedicated to storing paper documentation. We offered a solution for scanning all of the documents and, on the spot, assessed the scope of the project.


  • Over 1,200 paper-based manuals needed to be scanned with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for search-ability and ease of use for their techs.
  • We offered to pick-up and store their manuals in our facility while scanning them and providing them with access to those documents as needed.
  • We also set up a secure cloud portal to manage the files and provide them with peace of mind in knowing that their documentation was safe.

The Result

  • Their techs can now easily search parts manuals by searching for keywords and/or part numbers.
  • More space was made available for their remodel (which was done ahead of schedule!)
  • Their techs also have immediate access to their documents (saving them time and the company money!)
  • The company was able to hire their desired five team members

Their technicians can log on to their secure cloud portal (from any device) and search parts manuals with ease by searching for keywords and/or part numbers. Having immediate access to their documents during the scan project allowed them to stay on pace and deliver their products and services to their clients with no issues. Their internal productivity increased, all while immediately creating more space for their remodel, which was done ahead of schedule. This allowed them to hire the five new team members and have a clear path for years to come.

Our Document Scanning Services

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