OneScreen TL7 Interactive Display

Interactive Display

Introducing the OneScreen TL7 Interactive Display, your ultimate collaboration solution for education and business. This cutting-edge touchscreen display brings seamless touch interaction, vibrant 4K visuals, and built-in collaboration tools to enhance your presentations and lessons. With effortless integration into your existing devices and a sleek, durable design, the TL7 simplifies setup and maintenance, maximizing productivity and engagement. Elevate your interactions and upgrade your communication with the OneScreen TL7 in your workspace or classroom.

  • Sizes: 55″, 65″, 75″, and 86″
  • OneScreen Write: A powerful annotation tool with cloud drive integration, built-in browser and smart tools.
  • OneScreen LearningHub: allows you to record lessons, build student engagement and conduct hybrid classroom sessions.
  • OneScreen QuizWiz: helps teachers create quizzes automatically using AI in just a few clicks from content.
  • Engagement Tools:Freeze frame, screen recorder, screen capture, spotlight, polling,and intelligent gestures.
  • Administration Tools: Settings lock, OTA firmware updates, Centralized control, Network settings lock, screen lock and device cloning.
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