Printers & Multi-Function Printers (MFPs)

Take a Printing Hardware Inventory

Take an inventory of all the printing devices within your company. It’s important to know the age, type, and location that each device serves. Having a better understanding of where documents are printed will also allow you to evaluate whether a particular department’s needs are being fulfilled or if a device could be better utilized elsewhere.

Find the User & Function of Each Device

Identifying who is the primary user of each printer, copier or MFD will assist in recognizing who would benefit the most from a particular type of device. A marketing department will likely benefit from a high-volume color MFD, while an executive suite would likely only need a small MFD for occasional printing. Determining whether each department’s device performs all the necessary functions needed to increase productivity is significant.

How Many Consumables Are Being Used?

Knowing the amount of toner, ink, and paper that each department is using can help determine where costs can be reduced. There may be an opportunity to consolidate multiple printers into one high-volume MFD. Determine whether each printer device is allocated correctly.

It All Starts With a Printer Assessment

Know Your Current Printing Costs

Review all current lease, service, and maintenance agreements along with the cost of consumables, such as printer and toner for each device. With this information, you can pinpoint which department or device that could possibly be reduced or even eliminated.

Digitizing Your Office Can Cut Waste

Watch out for areas where there is a lot of waste or a decrease in the workflow. You may find that emails are being printed, causing paper waste; documents are being printed to be signed, then scanned which is a reduction in workflow, or there may be important documents left on a printer which can be a breach of security. Digitizing most of your documents can decrease security risks, reduce the number of consumables used, and increase productivity.

Printer Tips