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How much is the true cost of printing and storing paper files?

True Cost of Paper

  • The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year.
  • 10,000 equals about 2 cases of paper per employee. With an average price of $40 for a case of paper, this is an $80 annual cost per employee.
  • That’s 4 million tons of copy paper used in 1 year in the US alone.

True Cost of Labor

  • The average organization spends about $20 in labor to file each paper document.
  • 18 minutes is the average search time for a document.
  • It costs $120 in labor to search for each misfield document.
  • It costs $220 to recreate each lost document.

True Cost of Storage

  • 50-70% of office space is still dedicated to filing and storage of documentation.
  • One standard five-drawer filing cabinet costs about $1,000.
  • About 50% of the files in those cabinets are duplicated information and 80% is never accessed again.

How to Use the Paper Calculator

Enter the total number of file cabinet drawers and/or shelves for each size. Clicking the RESET button will clear entered values.

For example: If you have five, 4-drawer file cabinets and each drawer is 30 inches deep, then you would enter '20' next to the '30" File Cabinet Drawers/Shelves.

Enter numeric values only, using decimal points if needed. Do not use commas or non-numeric values.

*Note: Physical inspection of the documents and finalization of several parameters is required for a final project quotation.

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