Modern Classroom

Is your classroom keeping up with the times? Are you reaching your students through as many avenues as possible? Looking for a way to easily transition between whole-class and small-group instruction?

Collaboration tools like Microsoft 365 and interactive whiteboards provide teachers and students with the means to succeed. Traditional front-of-class lectures are rapidly being replaced by shorter forms of direct instruction students can access whenever and wherever they might be.

The Modern Classroom is Everywhere

As the face of the Modern Classroom changes, so must the means to provide students with lecture materials and other classroom-related documents.

With the addition of Microsoft collaboration tools to your school’s itinerary, teachers and students can connect no matter the circumstances.

New Tools for a New World

Along with the advantages of collaboration software, the classic chalkboard of classrooms past has received an upgrade: The Interactive Whiteboard.
Interactive Whiteboards (sometimes called smart boards) are fast becoming the most comprehensive tool for teachers working toward increasing student motivation, task engagement, and enjoyment in learning.

With an Interactive Whiteboard, the monotony of rote lessons decreases due to the whiteboard’s ability to integrate a wide range of multimedia resources into lessons. Along with learning new technology skills and sharpening existing skills, whiteboards allow for all different types of learners to become engaged.

Waltz Business Solutions Can Help with Your Modern Classroom Needs

Looking to optimize your collaboration environment?

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Contact the Solutions Specialists at Waltz today to find out how we can help build your modern classroom!

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5 Reasons Why Your School Needs Interactive Whiteboards…

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