Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a collection of tools, strategies, and procedures that work together to consolidate your document management into a seamless and efficient workflow. ECM involves the systematic collection and organization of content and delivers it right at your fingertips.

Businesses looking to increase efficiency, improve their control of information and reduce the load of information management turn to ECM to get the job done. So what exactly is ECM?

ECM is composed of five parts, that when put together, gives your business an all encompassing solution to your content management problems.

Documents From Creation to Destruction

ECM is not just a document storage solution but instead a way to manage your documents throughout their lifecycle, from creation to destruction.

Part 1 - Capturing The Content

The capture component involves converting paper documents into digital formats and collecting electronic files into an organized structure. Files can include anything from contracts, receipts, reports, blueprints, and more.

Part 2 - Managing The Content

The manage component uses collaborative software along with a document management system, web content management, and records management.

Part 3 - Storing the Content

The store component deals with the short term back up of frequently changing information within flexibile folder structures allowing users to edit and view the files.

Part 4 - Preserving The Content

The preserve component stores infrequently changed information for the medium to long term. ECM records management can be designed to help companies comply with government and industry regulations.

Part 5 - Delivering The Content

Finally, the deliver component does just that, providing your information or documents at your fingertips on any device.

The Benefits of ECM

Businesses can face many challenges when it comes to storing, managing, and accessing their company’s information and content. Implementing Enterprise Content Management can go a long way in enhancing operational efficiencies, decreasing cost, upholding regulatory compliance, and improving customer service. In addition to all this, the benefits of an ECM include…

  • Instant, digital access to information, from any device and any location
  • Optimized workflow
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced paper waste

An ECM can even allow you to free up space currently used for storing paper documents. Industries that require increased regulatory compliance, such as POPIA or HIPAA can also see their productivity soar and compliance costs dwindle with the implementation of Enterprise Content Management.

The Experts at Waltz Business Solutions Can Help

Want to know more about what an Enterprise Content Management solution can do for your business? Let our Business Analysts work with you to discover possible inefficiencies within your workflow automation. We can help improve your processes with a tailored document management solution that is unique to your business and provide training on industry-leading software.

When you implement an Enterprise Content Management system with Waltz, you will…

  • Improve business processes and customer service with instant, online access to information
  • Achieve five layers of uncompromised security, including transmission, system, data, and application
  • Ensure proper procedures are carried out by automating and tracking compliance
  • Protect data physically and electronically with controlled access and 24/7 system

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