An Interactive Whiteboard is only as good as the teacher who uses it. And as any teacher will tell you, there can’t be enough resources available for engaging and educating students.

With that in mind, we would like to share some of the best resources from around the web we have found to help you get the most out of your interactive whiteboard.

#1 – Utah Education Network

The UEN is one of the nation’s premier education networks. Their page on interactive whiteboard resources offers links to a variety of different interactives for grades K-12, along with links to streams from the Smithsonian Zoo and Monterey Bay Aquarium and more.

You can also find a link to the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. The NLVM is a library of interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials, mostly in the form of Java applets, for mathematics instruction with a K-12 emphasis.

#2 – PBS Ready to Learn Initiative

The Ready to Learn Initiative (also known as PBS Kids Lab) is “built on the belief that every new technology is an opportunity for learning.” Here you can find a load of resources like Games, Interactives, Apps, and Videos you can seamlessly integrate with your interactive whiteboard.

#3 – Starfall started in 2002 as a free public service to teach children to read. It has since expanded to include language arts and mathematics for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade.
Starfall offers many of their interactives and manipulatives free of charge. A low-cost membership program is also available. Both the website and the membership program are provided by the nonprofit organization Starfall Education Foundation.

#4 – Topmarks

Topmarks is a leading independent educational website for children, teaching professionals, and parents. The free interactive whiteboard resources are grouped by subject, age, and category, and are updated regularly. The interactives span a variety of topics and cover grades K-12.

#5 Storyline Online

The last resource on our list is a little bit different. Storyline Online doesn’t have interactive games or colorful manipulatives, but what it lacks in technological wonders it more than makes up for in star power.
The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s award-winning children’s literacy website streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. Readers include Oprah Winfrey, Chris Pine, Kristen Bell, Rita Moreno, Viola Davis, Jaime Camil, Kevin Costner, Lily Tomlin, Sarah Silverman, Betty White, Wanda Sykes, and dozens more.”

Reading aloud to children improves their reading, writing, and communication skills, logical thinking and concentration, and general academic aptitude. Who better to read to your students than some of their favorite celebrities?

Interactive Whiteboards Offer Endless Lesson Customization

With the addition of an IWB to your classroom, your ability to reach students regardless of their learning style becomes easier and more fun. As more schools begin to adopt display technology in their own classrooms, we hope to see more resources like the ones above to give teachers the edge they need to educate our future.

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